Do something different this weekend - DANCE!  In groups of 5 or more, less than going to the movies, and more FUN!

All ages, mixed ages!

Not that long ago, people used to dance together, for celebrations, for healing, for community.  Modern science is validating what those ancient cultures knew instinctively, that social dance is good for us, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  Social dance classes twice a week offers the most protection against developing Alzheimer’s, and improves not only memory but also multi-tasking abilities.

North African Dance Lessons twice a week significantly reduces pain for Fibryomyalgia patients, and improves quality of life and body image. Unlike current popular dance and dance fitness styles, Oriental Dance, dance moves from the Middle East and N. Africa, is non-impact and low-impact, so you can dance until the day you die, without needing knee replacements.  Do something good for yourself; schedule a Dance Recess today!  Schedule a fitness package once a week for a month.  Great for companies, especially companies whose employees do computer work or other sedentary type of work!  Fun for senior citizen centers or play groups of parents with young children!  Interactive cultural learning for college classes!  Classes available in the following cities:  Boise, Meridian, Caldwell, Nampa, Kuna, Star, and Eagle Idaho.                 

Solving Western Health Problems with Eastern Dance!

Bringing Fun and Fitness to You!


Take the work out of your workout! 

A fun fitness class that comes to you and your friends or co-workers!

Ask your senior center to schedule a Dance Recess!